How to enable a home to be a prostitute?

Yes, it may sound a little strange this title, but there are many private homes that become the home of the pleasure of a night to the morning. And the truth is that it is not as complicated as it may seem at first: just get the necessary permissions, and make some changes so that everything goes to perfection.

proA house full of pleasure

  • Rooms: if you want to convert a house into a brothel, you’ll need to think in the first place, how many rooms we will be talking about. Think of that as a minimum you will have to have one, although there can be more bedrooms if there is more than one girl working. You should try that the rooms are a bit big and the bed to be the most wide as possible to fit the two comfortably. If you see that you can’t put a large bed may not be worth the use it is room. The escorts Doha have, for example, by standard use beds of the size King size bed.

  • Mandatory to have a bathroom with shower. Yes, all of the homes typically already have this, but here we are talking of a special case. The hygiene in this type of relationship is very important: both for them and for them. If necessary you can ask the client to pass it on before the shower, but usually the one who makes most use of them are the girls when they are just one of the services. The cleaning of the bathroom, in addition, shall be holy to avoid infections and others. It is desirable that they be cleaned a minimum of twice a day.
  • Mute: unless you live in a house in the middle of the field, the soundproofing is almost mandatory if you have neighbors. No one likes to hear sex outside. If it is something timely could be accepted, (who has not ever had noisy neighbors?) but if it is something continuous it is better to do things right. Think that the cost of the soundproofing is something that can be expensive at the beginning but they are just paying it completely.
  • Laundry equipment: if you can’t invest a lot of in this you will only need a washing machine, but I plan to over the week (or day even) there are many sheets to clean and can’t be done, because we would be committing a serious error, and almost a crime against public health. The sheets and pillowcases must be changed and washed very often, almost after every use.
  • Put a point of encounter and reception. A place in which to locate a phone to call and agenciar a date, a place in which to save the keys, attending to customers.., we go a place where they can go to find all kinds of information, such as the reception of a hotel.

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